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Countdown to Literacy, The Extreme, Supreme Dogwalker, Darlene!

December 2, 2021– It’s day two of our countdown to literacy! We hope you’re enjoying our books and the videos. To check out our full listing of books and where you can buy this one, click here: Book Listings – Pandamonium Publishing House. Today, I’m reading my book, The Extreme, Supreme, Dogwalker, Darlene! Plus, I’ll chat about where my inspiration came from for this book.


education, Pandamonium Publishing House

Types of Book Editors…

May 29, 2019– Book editors are essential and very expensive; their expertise comes at a price, but their advice is invaluable! Here’s an awesome infographic that explains the different types of book editors and what they do as well as when you’ll need them in the writing process, brought to you by our friends at

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