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Today’s spotlight shines on author Anneliese Lawton and her book Welcome to the Jungle. Anneliese is an author, mom of three, blogger, successful businesswoman, and more! Here’s more about her:

About the book: Getting lost in motherhood feels easy – but what’s not easy, is understanding why. In Welcome to the Jungle, parenting writer and maternal mental health advocate Anneliese Lawton takes readers on an unfiltered journey of self-discovery. While navigating motherhood and facing the unexpected: back-to-back high-risk pregnancies, postpartum depression, and a rare tumour, Anneliese has an awakening (and it’s not just from her kids). From Phat Farm shoes and blue eyeshadow to chunky highlights and awkward first love, Anneliese pinpoints the moments in her life where she truly lost herself and comes to understand the power motherhood holds in finally being found. Filled with unfiltered thoughts and perspectives on womanhood, Welcome to the Jungle isn’t just another parenting book on the highs and lows of motherhood; it will spur you to have a conversation with yourself you never knew you needed to have.

About the author: Anneliese Lawton is a Canadian gal with a big passion for maternal mental health. She had three kids in under 4 years and has lived to tell the tale. After reading dozens of self-help books, listening to dozens of podcasts, and writing for dozens of parenting publications – Anneliese learned that validation from other moms was key to feeling supported in motherhood. This mama of three (who wears far too many hats), is Gabrielle Bernstein meets Workin’ Moms meets the mom-next-door. With her, nothing is off-limits, and she hopes her writing will inspire, empower and help other women find joy and peace within themselves.

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