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August Theme=What Publishers Want

August 2, 2021– We’re starting a new theme this month, and it’s all about what publishers want! We’re going to go through things like queries, synopsis’, frequently asked questions (the questions that we get asked the most), how to find the right publisher for your genre, submission requirements, and more! We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s start with one thing at a time; today, we’ll be focusing on how to find a publisher for your specific genre.

This can seem like a daunting task, and often, authors have no idea where to start. Let’s say that you’ve finished your manuscript and you’re looking for a publisher for your cozy romance novel, here’s what to do in a certain order.

  1. Do what no one else does. What is it? Read the copyright page to see who published your favourite novel. No one cares about the publisher; they care about the author, that is until the author is ready to have their book published! So, if you’ve got a/some captivating new cozy/cozies that you’re reading, flip to the front page and see who published it. Their contact information will be there, and you can find them online.
  2. Go online. Go to the publisher’s website for two reasons: 1) To find out if they’re accepting submissions. 2) To find the submission guidelines.  You’ll be able to answer a bunch of questions just by visiting their site. Do NOT submit unsolicited manuscripts if the publisher does not accept them, and be sure to follow the guidelines to the letter, because if you don’t, your manuscript will end up in the recycling folder and will never see the light of day.
  3. Read the Bible. No, not the actual bible, but the Writer’s Market 2020 Guide, which I consider the author’s bible. Inside this gem of a book, you’ll find all of the publishers across Canada and the US, who publishes what, and who and how to contact them. It’s an essential tool that can be used to start your search. I’ve bought every edition since 2015 and have been adding them to my personal library ever since. There is also tons of valuable information via agent interviews, author takes, and publisher advice.

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