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Live in Conversation with Fazila Nurani

January 28, 2022– We sat down with author Fazila Nurani to chat about her brand new book Words of Healing, Letter by Letter. We’ll chat about where her inspiration comes from, her childhood aspirations, and her advice for authors!

In conversation with Fazila Nurani author of Words of Healing, Letter by Letter.

Order your copy today here: : words of healing letter by letter fazila nurani (Canadian friends) Words of Healing, Letter by Letter: 9781778291401: Nurani, Fazila: Books (US friends)

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Author Interviews

November 17, 2021– We’re talking about daily, actionable tips for authors to help promote themselves and their books all through November. Today, we’re focusing on author interviews! What exactly are author interviews, you ask? Well, I’m not going to tell you; I’m going to show you. There are endless benefits to doing author interviews like connecting with your audience, answering reader questions, and cross-promotion with other businesses, as you’ll see here with our very own Tonya Cartmell discussing her book The 12 Days of Rescue. Check out the video here:

Be to join us tonight, November 17th, at 7 pm EST on Facebook Live (Pandamonium Publishing House) as we talk to author Lynn Baillie about her new book Breaking Out of the Darkness. Stay tuned for more author interviews!

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