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Tick (Tock) not TikTok

June 30, 2021-That’s all, folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed our theme this month which was Author Mindset. We’ll be back on July 2nd with our next theme, which is Author Public Speaking! During July, we’ll cover everything from book signings, school visits, engaging with the public, and best practices. This theme is essential because people are more afraid of public speaking than death! We’re hoping to change all that with some easy-to-use tips and tricks so that you can speak confidently about yourself and your books in public.

But, for now, let’s finish up our topic for June! We’ve got one more thing to talk about when it comes to Author Mindset, and that is knowing yourself. The only person who knows what motivates you, makes you tick, what thoughts, feelings, and beliefs you have, and what makes you happy, excited, motivated, and energized. 

All of this is so important, and without clearly defining these things for yourself, you can’t possibly be your best author self! I’d like you to complete the following exercise:

  1. What are the things about writing that excite you? 
  2. What new possibilities in your writing life would you like to explore? 
  3. What would you like to learn this year as an author? 
  4. What is it about your writing life that makes you jump out of bed in the morning? 
  5. What motivates you about writing? 
  6. What do you need to improve as an author? 
  7. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years in your writing career? 
  8. How do you feel about your writing life? What do you like best? 
  9. What energizes you as an author? 

Continue to focus on the positive and what you want more of! Combine all of the things that you’ve learned about author mindset this month on our blog and our podcast on Podbean while staying consistent, and you’ll be an author force to be reckoned with. Join us in July for our new theme, Public Speaking for Authors-you won’t want to miss it!