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I’ll Take Categories for $400, Alex

January 22, 2021-Yesterday we talked about the importance of using hashtags and how they can increase views of your posts and reach new readers. Today, we’ll be talking about categories and how they’re equally important in your best seller success plan! Check out our Best Seller Bootcamp here:

What are categories? Simply put, categories are how your book is grouped in it’s genre. For example, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, romance, science fiction, and psych thrillers all have their own categories. The point of properly categorizing your book cannot be understated especially with how much it helps your book climb to the top of the best seller list. We could put all of the genres listed above under an umbrella category of fiction, but this doesn’t help readers find your book! When we categorize under such a large umbrella, our work gets lost in the noise, that’s why we have to find our niche!

So, let’s use one of my books as an example; Becoming James Cass is a psychological thriller about a doctor who gets in deep with the mob and makes a lot of terrible choices. He’s also a father, a husband, and murderer. Looking at this description, how could we categorize this book to give it the most impact? Well, we would think outside of the box and perhaps put it under Medical Thriller and Organized Crime. The point is to be creative when choosing your categories while ensuring that they are properly and truthfully categorized. The reader looking for a Crime Thriller, or Medical Mystery is very specific in their choice, so your book had better live up to it’s advertisement as belonging in this group!

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