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Motivation vs. Discipline

March 15, 2021– I hope that you’re enjoying our monthly theme during March which is answering your most asked questions! The questions coming in are great and touch on a number of topics that range from how to make money writing to how to write books kids will love, and everything in between. If you’d like to send in a question, please email us at  Here is today’s question:

Q:“I started writing an adventure novel five years ago, but I’m finding it difficult to stay motivated to finish it, actually, to keep writing each day. Do you have any suggestions to help get me motivated?”

A: There’s a big difference between motivation and discipline. “You will not always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined,” is one of my favourite quotes. Let’s face it, if we waited for motivation to write, most of us would never finish our book. Writing is our job and we must show up ready to work every day. I know it’s hard to sit down in front of your computer and get the words on the page, but it has to be done if you’re going to be a published author. Sometimes we see tasks as too daunting and we get overwhelmed with how much we have left to complete, my suggestion is to:

  1. Set aside the same time each day to write. Routine is key and discipline equals freedom. Figure out your best time to write and start writing; whether it’s early morning, afternoon, or midnight, choose whatever works with your schedule. Be sure to set a time that you will be uninterrupted so that you can let your creativity flow.
  2. Set a timer. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. When I’m not in the writing groove, I’ll do basically anything else to avoid what I need to do and that’s write! I set a timer for ten minutes and begin. I usually end up writing long past the time of ten minutes and all I needed was a boost to get started!
  3. Don’t self-edit. Get the words on the page and edit later. Also, don’t go back and re-read your work. Think of writing like building a sandcastle, you just have to keep shoveling the sand into the box and then refine it into a castle later.

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