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Let’s Talk About Little Free Libraries!

November 10, 2021-As we offer daily author tips for promoting yourself and your books, we can’t leave out Little Free Libraries!

What are little free libraries? You can often find these cute book boxes in your community, sometimes at the end of people’s driveways, on lawns, and in public places like parks and playgrounds; they’re chock full of books that have been donated. There’s usually a mix of new and previously loved books with genres to suit a wide range of readers. 

So, how do you use this fantastic resource to promote your books and yourself as an author? 

  1. Leave signed copies of your book-Usually 1-3 copies is the perfect amount to leave so that multiple people can enjoy your work. Sometimes, people keep the books rather than borrow them, so offering more than one copy is wise. Don’t overdo it, and be sure to leave room for other titles.
  2. Take photos-Take a picture of your book/yourself depositing your book into the little free library and share the photo on social media. Let people know where they can find copies of your books around the neighbourhood/community/city. Be sure to use proper hashtags. 
  3. Check back often-Just like a bank, be sure to check on your deposits regularly! Make sure your books are readily available and see if there are additional resources you can share from the rest of your collection, mix it up if you have more than one title to share! Your book should include your social media handles, and how readers can get in touch with you where you can offer bonus items such as free downloads, discussion questions, and more. 

Here’s a great video about little free libraries: