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Start Before You’re Ready

February 3, 2021-If someone offered you a seat on a rocket ship what would you say? Would you say that you had to think it over or that it was too big of a risk? Or you weren’t sure, but would get back to them? Poof. Opportunity lost. This happens to people in the writing world every. single. day. You’re not always going to be ready to start, but the point is, that you DO. Get started even when you’re afraid of the unknown. I’ve extended opportunities to writers/clients who have not taken me up on my offer; but I only ask once. I don’t waste time on waiting for people to decide. You show me you’re not interested and I’ll take your word for it and never offer again.  Whether it’s a publishing deal, a course, an opportunity, or otherwise, I only ask once. You can learn a lot from people who hesitate. I ONLY work with the fearless. The ones that when they can’t find a way, they make one.

You may not be ready to write your book. Write it anyway.
You may not be ready to send your book to a publisher. Send it anyway.
You may not be ready to launch your writing business. Launch it anyway.
You may not be ready to hear criticism about your work. Listen anyway.

If you’re using the excuse that you’re not educated enough, talented enough, you don’t know enough, or that you’re not brave enough, it’s time to start before you’re ready. Do you think that everyone had all of the variables worked out before they ever got started on anything? Nope. But they did it anyway.

If someone offers you a seat on a rocket ship, GET.ON. You may not ever have the opportunity again, and if I’m the one who offered it, I can guarantee you won’t. X LLB