Intend It

June 18, 2021– First, we’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday today to, Michael (my favourite person EVER) and my sister, Meghan (my other favourite person ever, June 20)! May all of your wishes come true and may you be as happy as you make others ❤️.

As we continue to talk about author mindset this month, I hope that you’re putting the work in on getting your mind right! We’re talking about intention today and how it’s a catalyst for growth, change, and making your writing dreams come true.

What is intention? An intention is defined as an aim, target, plan, objective, and goal. But did you know that it also means deliberateness, calculation, and forethought?

So many wonderful things have happened in my writing life because they were my intention. Some of them include: Working with the best and brightest, being a guest speaker at a massive superconference, being a best selling author, winning best local author in my city, being published multiple times globally for books and magazines, attending educational seminars around the world about writing and publishing, increasing my income by 50%, and working with ideal clients who share the same values as we do at Pandamonium.

Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to intentions. Intentions lead to action. Action leads to realization of the thought. Whatever you think about consistently (good or not so good) is what will happen and show up in your writing life. Let’s explore each of these in detail by using a case study.

  1. Thoughts-What you think of most of the time happens.
  2. Feelings-What you feel about your thoughts happens.
  3. Intentions-What your intentions are, lay the groundwork for what you want.
  4. Actions-What actions you take toward your intentions make things happen.
  5. Realization-This is the completion of the intention. This is the realization that what you thought about, felt, intended, and acted upon has come to fruition.

Emilia was an author who came to me for some coaching. She had struggled over the years with author confidence and mindset, and she said that no matter how hard she tried, she felt like she was simply spinning her wheels. I put together a plan for her, and this is how our conversation led to an author mindset roadmap of sorts.

L: What do you spend most of your time thinking about when it comes to being an author?

E: That I’m not good enough and that my work isn’t good enough, that’s why I keep getting rejected.

L: How does that make you feel?

E: Lousy, defeated, like bursting into tears.

L: What were some of your intentions when you set out to be an author?

E: I wanted to sell a ton of books, be recognized by my peers as a great writer, and be a best seller.

L: What actions did you take to meet your intentions?

E: I submitted a couple of manuscripts and queries, but I got rejected, so I shelved everything from there and haven’t been able to write since.

L: What if I told you that if you started over and changed your mindset from the get-go, that this time you would have a different result, would you be interested?

E: Of course!

L: It all begins internally. We just need to change your focus and the voice in your head.

Emilia worked with me for four months. She had such a huge change in her author mindset that things began to manifest in her writing life, and she surpassed her original goals. Her mindset allowed her to see things differently; not everything worked out perfectly and on schedule, but her life did a 180. The things that didn’t work out, she had a completely different perspective on. Once we changed her thoughts, it was a chain reaction.

Your thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions all need to be working together! Don’t contradict your intentions by not having the feeling, thought, or actions to match. Take a look at your own author roadmap, is it pointed in the direction of success?

We’ve got a brand new course coming soon just for authors! It’s called The Author Mindset Blueprint. Email pandapublishing8@gmail.com to reserve your spot and get more information!