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The Power of No…

November 4, 2019– Two little letters pack a big punch when they form the word, “No.” We’re told that no is a negative word, that it induces feelings of sadness, and that we should use it sparingly with our children and that instead, we should use positive reinforcement.  Well, I’m here to tell you that NO is powerful and that you need to start using it to reclaim your life and your focus!

  1. Say NO to invitations that you don’t want to accept. All too often we let politeness and guilt get in the way of saying no to friends, family, and acquaintances when we should. If invitations to different events will impede the things that you really want to do such as finishing writing the second draft of your novel or putting together your marketing plan, be sure to weigh the cost of not doing what you need to do. Will an afternoon of (fill in the blank) bring you closer to your goal of finishing your book?
  2. Say NO to the negative voice in your head. Here’s a quote that I have hanging in my office, “The voice in your head that says you can’t do this, is a liar.” It’s true. You can do absolutely anything if you put the work in. Sometimes we let the negative voice in our head dictate our decisions and this stops us from living up to our true potential. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “YES I CAN.”
  3. Say NO to distraction. Oh boy. We sure live in an age of distraction, don’t we? From smartphones to social media,  there are no shortage of things vying for our attention. Every time that you give into distraction, you’re delaying your dreams. Read that again. There are so many ways to stay focused-from setting a timer, to turning off notifications, you can help yourself by ignoring the virtual taps on your shoulder. Distraction is kind of like multi-tasking, nothing gets accomplished.

It’s time to say no! It’s for your own good. X LLB