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Watch Your Language

March 19, 2021– I’m really loving the theme of this month of answering your most asked questions! I think it’s so important to help fellow authors because when I started out, I had a lot of help from some wonderful people in the industry. Oftentimes, people guard information because they feel like there’s not enough success to go around and instead of looking at other authors as allies and teammates, they look at them as enemies and competition. That’s not the case around here;  believe that there’s enough success for everyone and that by lifting each other up, everyone wins!

Let’s jump into today’s question sent in from a reader in the United States:

Q: “I just published a book and was wondering about the importance of translating it into other languages. What are your thoughts and what languages do the best in terms of market share?”

A: This is another great question! Let’s break it down; when I first published Panda the Very Bad Cat in English, I was surprised to learn that it was a best seller in Mexico. Why was it so successful? Because people in Mexico who speak Spanish as their first language, use children’s books to learn English so they start with something simpler. I think it’s wonderful to translate your books into as many languages as you can so that as many people as possible can enjoy them! In terms of market share, the languages that are the most lucrative are Mandarin (1 billion people), French (280 million), English (2 billion people), Spanish (583 million), Hindi (490 million), and Russian (255 million). The point is, yes, we should be translating our books into the above languages at the very least so that we can reach a massive number of readers while helping combat illiteracy.

The last thing you want is any type of barrier for people enjoying your books! By providing them in multiple languages, your books will be available to more people worldwide.

We’re working on translating each of our books, so stay tuned for more information on how to get them and where they will be available. In the meantime, you can check out our entire collection here: