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A Stellar Review!

Pandamonium Publishing House is a Canadian-based independent publisher with global clients and authors, that specializes in children’s books, young adult fiction, and adult fiction. It was founded in 2015 by Lacey L. Bakker.

Pandamonium Publishing House is committed to publishing books that educate, entertain, and inspire readers of all ages. They work with a team of experienced editors, designers, and illustrators to ensure that each book they publish is of the highest quality.

Their catalog includes a range of titles, from picture books and middle-grade novels to memoirs and non-fiction works. Some of their popular titles include “Duty’s Dad,” “Unfrogged,” “Panda the Very Bad Cat,” and “Advice from a Publisher.”

In addition to publishing books, Pandamonium Publishing House also offers a variety of writing and publishing services, including writing workshops, editing services, and book coaching. They are committed to supporting new and emerging writers and helping them to bring their stories to life with their model of Publishing Made Simple.

Overall, Pandamonium Publishing House is a dynamic and innovative independent publisher that is making a positive impact on the Canadian, American, and Independent publishing industry. – Yvonne Edmonds, retired book buyer, Rockford, Illinois

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Illiteracy Links…

I’ve done a lot of research over the years about illiteracy rates in Canada and how they’re linked to crime, poverty, and increased mortality rates. That’s why we’ve created the Adopt-a-School initiative through Pandamonium Publishing House-we strive to provide as many children with books as possible, but we can’t do it without your help! Check out some of the alarming stats below:

The number of illiterate Canadians in 2023 is staggering. 1 Forty-eight percent of Canadian adults (approximately 17 million) are considered to have inadequate literacy skills (1The Conference Board of Canada), which means they cannot read or write well enough to perform everyday tasks such as reading instructions on medicine, filling out applications, or reading street signs. 2 One million Canadian children under the age of fifteen are estimated to have below-grade-level literacy skills, that’s 1 in 8 kids ( Why does this matter? By investing early in a child’s education, we can change the future for Canadians. In a report by 3 Deloitte, a one percent increase in literacy would create an economic benefit of $67 billion in gross domestic product for Canada per year and could boost the standard of living for everyone (3 An economic Overview of Children’s Literacy in Canada, November 2020). Illiteracy is linked to crime, poverty, and an increase in mortality rates. 4 People who come into contact with police, as suspects, victims, or witnesses, tend to have lower literacy skills. And neighbourhoods with lower literacy levels tend to have higher crime rates. People with low literacy often lack adequate problem-solving skills and tend to be less active citizens as well as more statistically likely to be involved in crime either as the offender or the victim. Offenders are
three times as likely to have literacy problems than the rest of the population, 79 of 100 people entering Canadian correctional facilities do not have a high school diploma, and 65 of 100 people entering correctional facilities have less than a grade 8 education or level of literacy skills ( 5 Illiteracy is a problem for the Canadian economy as evidence shows that adults with low literacy skills are less likely to be employed and tend to stay unemployed for longer periods (5 College, 2019). 6 Statistics Canada reports that for individuals with literacy rates in the lowest category, 29% were low-income households (6Statistics Canada, 2016). Illiteracy is also linked to increased mortality rates, as those with low levels of literacy are more likely to have poor health and engage in riskier behaviours. 7 People with inadequate health literacy had a 50% higher mortality rate over five years than people with adequate reading skills (7 Illiteracy affects us all. 8 80% of a child’s brain is developed by age three, with a key period of development occurring in their language and literacy skills. Unfortunately, the quality of early childhood education a child receives is often determined by their economic status. By age five, 50% of children living in poverty are not academically or socially ready for school. By fourth grade, the divide increases, with 80% of low-income children reading below grade level. These children often fall behind during critical early years, which not only negatively affects their performance in the classroom but can also impact their social skills, health, and economic status
later in life (

By partnering with Pandamonium Publishing House Adopt-a-School literacy initiative, we can help the most vulnerable children in our country by helping them have access to books and igniting a love of literacy early in their academic careers and potentially throughout their lives. Here’s more information on how you can partner with us: Adopt a School! Literacy Matters – Pandamonium Publishing House

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This fantastic poem titled February was submitted by A. Isaacs, I think it captures the spirit of the month perfectly! If you’d like the chance for your work to be featured on our blog, email


Cloudy skies

Blanket the fields in darkness

The sky is gloomy

The rain taps softly on the window pane

Light a fire, snuggle with your cat, and drink in the romance of this moment

Snuggling under covers, turning the pages slowly so that the story is savoured, escaping from this place

Drink in the words, the worlds, the characters, their lives

The scent of pine, the sizzling branches, that pop and hiss and snap

Contented purr and soft fur rises and falls with her breath


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Have You Checked Out…

Have you checked out our classes, courses, and workshops? We’ve got some great things coming up, whether you get a March Break or not! Here are some options to help you brush up on your skills, start a manuscript from scratch, or learn the publishing industry standards. Plus, we’ve got March Break courses for kids too! Virtual Courses, Classes, and Workshops – Pandamonium Publishing House click on the link or feel free to send us an email at with any questions you have or to get additional details. Our goal is to help you with your writing goals; we strive to teach you the things that matter most to you in your unique publishing journey.

Here’s what some of our students are saying about our classes!


February 25 at 7 pm EST!

Get your tickets here: What questions do you have about publishing? If you’ve ever wanted the chance to speak to a publisher in person, now is your chance! I’ll be chatting about What Publishers Want on Friday, February 25 at 7 pm EST where all of your publishing and submission questions will be answered. Plus, when you attend this event, you’ll receive a free gift! I hope to see you there.


Writing Prompt…

What’s more romantic than a tower, a canal, and a far-off place full of possibility? Today’s writing prompt is based on the picture below! What words and stories does this image bring to mind? I’d like you to write in a third-person perspective/point of view, 2000 words, and in the romance genre. Feel free to submit your work to for a chance to have your story featured on our blog! Deadline to submit is February 10, 2023.

Bruges Belfry Tower, Belgium
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Spotlight On…

Today’s spotlight is on authors Alex Goubar and Maddison Greene! As you know, Alex Goubar is our lead illustrator at Pandamonium Publishing House and is responsible for creating fabulous books, graphics, and covers. She’s teamed up with author Maddison Greene to bring you a book that focuses on a cause close to their hearts. Read more about them and their book LongRun Stories New Beginnings, which helps retired racehorses! Order their book here: LongRun Stories New Beginnings: Goubar, Alex, Greene, Maddison: 9781989506561: Books –

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Writing Prompt

Creative writing is such a fun way to explore your mind, and today’s photo prompt should open up some of those channels! I’d like you to use the photo for inspiration and write a 2,000-word story in the third person narrative (they, them, he, she etc.), which is told by an outside observer. Also, I’d like you to throw in an element of character development; how will your character grow? How will they change? What did they learn, if anything? What does your reader need to know about them? And what information can you include in their development to move the story forward? Pick any genre you’d like. Overview: 2,000 words, third person narrative, character development, any genre. As always, send us your work to for the opportunity to have your story shared on our blog.

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12 Days of Tips (Day 3)