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Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, from Public Speaking

July 9, 2021– Today, we’re talking about money! Let me back up for a second and explain a bit further; we’re talking about using public speaking as an author to add an additional revenue stream to your writing career. Public speaking as an author is not only a marketing tool; it’s a money-making opportunity.

As authors, we get paid in many different ways (royalties, freelance pieces, book sales, advances, etc.,) but why not add public speaking to your arsenal of income? Not only can you charge a speaking fee, but if you have your books, courses, or workshops for sale at the back of the room, you can earn even more!

You may be wondering where you can find speaking opportunities as an author; let me help! Here are five great places to start:

  1. Libraries-Some libraries will pay you to offer a talk or a class on your specific area of expertise. Reach out to your local library and let them know what you offer and why people would be interested in learning more. Over the years, I’ve welcomed several new clients to my business by giving workshops on self-publishing and relevant topics at libraries in my city.
  2. Elementary/High School visits– At Pandamonium Publishing House, we charge for author visits. Why? Because we bring a ton of value to the classroom! We talk about age-appropriate topics such as setting, plots, and character development. For the older kids, we add subject matter of relevant interest, such as the business of books, publishing behind the scenes, and my favourite topic, which is book marketing. We donate a copy (or copies) of our book to the school library, and we bring fun activities such as word searches, spot the difference, and colouring pages!
  3. Universities and Colleges– I’ve had so many fantastic opportunities to speak to college and university students across Canada, both in-person and virtually. Talking to budding authors and illustrators in Writer’s Craft/English classes is a rewarding experience for not only me but for them too! They get a taste of the publishing industry and what’s up and coming in the book business, as well as trends in the marketplace, tips on how to get hired by a publishing company, and what employers in the industry are looking for.
  4. Community Events– Writing retreats, weekend workshops, and masterclasses often hire guest speakers, so why shouldn’t it be you that’s getting paid to speak on what you’re an expert in? Seek out events that match your genre, interests, and passions. Remember to bring your A-game so you’ll be invited back. Word of mouth spreads, and if you do a stellar job, your public speaking calendar will fill up fast!
  5. Industry Associations and their events-Are you a member of a writing association, club, or group? Do they have different guest speakers each week? Some great places to explore for earning public speaking revenue include Chambers of Commerce, professional associations, and corporations. Perhaps you’ve written a book on wellness principles that deal with stress relief and mindfulness; high profile executives have a lot on their plate, and those responsibilities come with a ton of stress. You could reach out to the companies in your city to offer to present some helpful tips to remain mindful, calm, and organized to their employees. Bring your book and program with you to sell at the back of the room.

Don’t sell yourself short! Public speaking opportunities for authors are endless; you just have to know where to look.