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Recipe for a Novel

November 27, 2020-Yesterday I visited my nephews and we made cupcakes for my niece (their cousin), Harper. Happy Birthday, Harper! We love you so much:)  We followed a recipe and added eggs, oil, water, mixed it all together and then put the batter into the oven. Making cupcakes is pretty much like writing a novel. Novels follow specific ingredients in order to bake a compelling story. Let’s check out the recipe for writing a captivating novel below:


3-4 Characters
1-2 Character flaw(s) each
A Single Narrative voice (usually first or third person)
1-2 Conflict(s)
A Dash of Romance (Optional)


Preheat your narrative to first or third person. When the narrative is set, mix the characters thoroughly with the character flaws. Whip the conflict until it peaks and add a dash of romance if you’d like. Bake until all conflict is resolved, let cool (falling action), put into a box, and wrap up with a bow (make sure all loose ends are tied up). You’re now ready to serve your story to your readers.

Follow the directions with the right ingredients, and your story will turn out perfectly every time! Happy Writing, XLLB