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Your Books Make a Difference

November 6, 2020-Did, you know that as an author, your books make a difference? Whether they’re listed under the “self-help” genre or not, your books make a difference in the lives of your readers. Here’s how:

  1. They offer an escape. There is a lot to escape from nowadays with the state of affairs in our world. Sometimes we need a break and escaping into a book is the best way to let the world melt around us, even if just for a little while.
  2. They show people it can be done. Your books offer hope to those who want to become authors. They show them that if you can do it, so can they. This is especially true for people close to us, such as our friends, family, and people in our community. Being an author inspires people to get writing.
  3. They give entertainment value. People reading your books will laugh and cry along with your characters. They’ll be entertained by the dialogue,  the story, and the plot. Reading is like watching a movie in our brain.
  4. They offer a different perspective. Your book offers a different perspective on the world because you can only experience it through your eyes. Readers may read your book that’s a genre that they’re not used to, or see things through the lens of one of your characters.

So, the next time you feel like giving up or slacking off, remember who is watching.