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Once Upon a Vision

December 9, 2020–  We had the pleasure of working with Gina and Lindsay, authors of Once Upon a Vision! This is a fantastic book and is considered a cozy-mystery novella. I gifted this book to my family and friends because I absolutely LOVED it and I know that they will too. We’ll be reading Once Upon a Vision as part of our Pandamonium Publishing House International Book Club in 2021!  If you’re in the area of St. Jacob’s until December 20th, you can purchase your copy directly from our booth every Thursday to Sunday from 10-6 pm. Check out an excerpt from their book below:

Becky hoped for a life full of adventure in New York City, but after a failed marriage and business, she returns to her childhood roots in Savannah, Georgia, to start over. Unsure of what her future holds, she settles into a charming loft above a Carriage House on a beautiful estate where she meets the Riley Family members. Was it by chance, or was it meant to be? Instinct draws her to read Tarot Cards at a quaint Tea House down by the river. Becky finds her inner self-awareness emerging. One day a mysterious woman came into her life, and then another. Is there a connection? Will Becky’s intuition expose a hidden family secret? Will Becky find her inner strength to unfold the mystery?

I’ve had a wonderful few days scouting out my backyard and getting familiar with my neighborhood. However, today is my first day at the Tea House, and I’m excited to focus on this new chapter in my journey of self-discovery. I’ve got plenty of time before I shower and dress, so I follow my morning routine of coffee on the deck. It rained throughout the night, but it stopped, thank goodness; I didn’t want to show up looking like a drowned mouse on my first day. The deck is still damp and there are droplets on the trees, but the warm sun will soon dry everything. I take a few minutes to give myself a pep talk. I know it’s normal to have some feelings of self-doubt when starting a new job, but I remind myself of what I’ll be doing. I’ve got this; I’m excited and prepared to meet their expectations and beyond…I arrive down by the river an hour early; I want to take this opportunity to feel the energy on the street by the Tea House. In the short time I’ve been here, the crowds have increased. I’m enjoying the smiles on the faces of people. They get on and off the trolley, packages in hand, and some even have dogs. 

You can find their Youtube channel here: Myko Publishing House – YouTube and here’s where you can order their book: Once Upon a Vision: Collins Ramkissoon, Gina, Rose, Lindsay V: Books
and website: About the Authors (

This book is a MUST READ for the cozy book lover! You’re going to love it!