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Isn’t it Romantic?

October 20, 2021-We’re about ten days away from wrapping up the month! I can’t believe how time flies, and I certainly hope you’re having fun with our author challenge this month.

As you know, we’ve provided writing prompts during October to challenge you to get out of your space and to expand your imagination, creativity, and skills. For today’s challenge here’s what I want you to do!

Instructions: Using the photo prompt above, please write a 500-word story in the romance genre using the first-person narrative. The word count specification makes this task especially challenging, but I know you can do it!

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education, Pandamonium Publishing House, writing prompts

Writing Challenge

October 11, 2021-As you know, we are doing a writing challenge this month where we post a new photo each day and give instructions on word count and genre. I hope that you’re enjoying the writing exercises and that you’re expanding your vision of what it means to be a writer and to challenge yourself.

Instructions: Using the photo above, write a 2500 word short story about a road trip you’d like to take anywhere in the world. How would you get there? Who would you go with? What would you see along the way? What challenges would you face? Try to incorporate all five senses into your experience.

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October 4 Writing Prompt

October 4, 2021– Depending on where you live and in what country, continent, city, province, or state you’re in, the weather changes from place to place.  I remember as a kid seeing a huge raincloud over the neighbour’s house, but it was sunny over ours…such a cool phenomenon! During our theme this month which is photo writing prompts, you’re not only going to see picturesque landscapes with orange, yellow, and red leaves based on the season, but you’re also going to get photo prompts that challenge you as a writer.  Not everyone is experiencing the same October as you are, and I want to be mindful of that in the photos I choose.

The point of photo writing prompts is to stretch us out of our comfort zones as writers and to allow us to explore the depths of our imaginations. For today’s prompt, I urge you to sit with it for a while, let it speak to you. If you continue to participate in this October Photo Prompt Challenge, you should have enough short stories for a complete anthology by the end of it.

Today’s challenge– Write a third-person account of the photo above. Use 2000 words and incorporate all five senses.  Happy writing! X LLB